Popular fuji singer, Alhaji Abass Akande, aka Obesere, has said that though he uses vulgar lyrics in his music, they are not so blatant.


Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “I created the ‘Asakasa’ style and it has been widely accepted. That is why younger artistes are infusing it in their music. Even if a song’s lyrics are vulgar, as you say; it depends on how one uses it and the message that one is trying to pass. Many people are actually hypocrites. They act funny when listening to vulgar lyrics, but that is exactly what they do behind closed doors. But, they condemn it in the open. My vulgar lyrics are ‘coded’ (veiled), but the listener would know what I am driving at. It is the younger ones are taking it (vulgar lyrics) to another.”


The ‘Egungun be Careful’ singer also insisted that fuji music could not fade away. He said, “Fuji music is still very popular. It depends on how one looks at it. Don’t forget that in 2020 when one of my songs of over two decades ‘Egungun be Careful’, resurfaced, it was well accepted among the youths. Also, I have performed at different concerts hosted by my team and corporate bodies. Youths were the ones that filled up the venues. That means they are still enjoying the genre. Fuji is a traditional genre of music that cannot just fade away.”


Asked about the legacy he would love to leave behind, the veteran singer said, “First, my creative style of music. Also, when I’m no more, I would love people to still be talking about the way I viewed life. My life is very simple. Humility and respect are fundamental virtues of mine. Some years back, I was at 2Baba’s club on Victoria Island, and he said he had never seen or met an artiste as humble as I was. He even said I made music easier for them. That I made it look much more interesting.”


Shedding light on the projects he is currently working on, Obesere said, “I have a new single titled, ‘Skoro’. The video has been shot too. An album is also on the way; and that is why I am in London, United Kingdom. My fans at home and abroad should expect it soon.”


Credit: Kehinde Ajose.


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