Actor Yomi Fabiyi has replied to his colleague, Mo Bimpe’s recent post over s3x-for-role claims, blasting her to tell everyone those she offered s3x to attain the success she enjoys.


He warned Mo Bimpe to stop defaming his personality and allow him to flourish in his ‘West’ since she decided to go ‘South.’



The actress on July 14, in a question and answer session with fans clarified the s3x-for-role allegation against Fabiyi.


Mo Bimpe affirmed Fabiyi made advances at her but refuted any sexual involvement with him.


She claimed Fabiyi insisted on either dating her or being enemies.


She claimed she chose the latter, which explained the animosity between them.


A week after, the filmmaker replied with a lengthy letter, chiding her over her allegations.


Fabiyi captioned a post that displayed a screenshot of an instagram DM with Mo Bimpe in October 2016 and wrote: “Dear Bimpe Oyebade,


“I have attached herewith evidence of how the conversation started. YOU WERE MY FAN, I HELPED INTO THE MOVIE INDUSTRY without any condition. Clearly, you started with the LOVE emoji. I don’t deserve any evil from you, it will backfire.


“Nobody introduced you to me Bimpe, you never ask to be an actress, you didn’t attend my audition (I have video recording of my audition). I wanted you to succeed, I wished you well. You RUINED many things since the day I gave you this chance. You are too desperate instead of been grateful and patient. YOU CAN’T TEAR ME DOWN, YOU WILL ONLY TRY.”


He continued: “Please remember, from the last day we finished filming AGBEDE MEJI in Dec 2016 (which to me look like you assumed you have used me because I made it so easy), I NEVER set my eyes on you until Jan 2019 (3yrs after), which you produced like 3 or more movies in between using my major CREW behind me.


“I NEVER OFFERED YOU or ANY SEX FOR ROLE but it took you many years to speak that truth and when you did, you maneuvered and still want to destroy the LADDER that helped you. If it was sex for role, it means I shagged you to play that LEAD ROLE in the first ever movie that got you noticed.


“I will rather appeal to you to be bold enough to CALL YOURSELF OUT, CALL OUT those you offered sex in the industry to get to wherever you are, and stop defaming me at any slight opportunity. ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE/SOCIAL MEDIA DRAMAS.”


Fabiyi added: “I am an adult and it is within my rights to be sexually attracted to any adult provided no force or coercion was involved. I AM NOT A COUSIN TO JESUS CHRIST, I have rights to sexual feelings provided it is within the ambits of the law.


“You guys need to stop misleading folks on social media. Know the difference between ASKING SOMEONE OUT and SEXUAL HARRASSMENT. It is one thing to think someone is a flirt and it is another to attach that to crime, common, get sense, MOVE ON.


“Don’t give SATAN’S CREDIT to GOD. Whatever you earn out of desperacy, lies, deception, sex for role etc, please state it. Enjoy your turkey and let me eat my pomo. You went South, let me flourish in my West. STOP DEFAMING ME!



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