Ogun State Governor, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun MFR, made an important announcement yesterday as he dissolved his state executive council during a valedictory meeting. Governor Abiodun expressed deep gratitude and appreciation to all members for their invaluable contributions to the remarkable achievements made under his administration’s “Building the Future of the State Together” agenda.


Abiodun gave a heartfelt address, commending the collective efforts and dedication of his executive council, acknowledging their pivotal role in driving positive change across Ogun State. The dissolved council, consisting of various commissioners and special advisers, played a vital part in shaping and implementing policies aimed at fostering development and improving the lives of the state’s residents.


During the valedictory meeting, the governor highlighted the numerous successes and milestones attained during his tenure. These achievements encompassed significant advancements in education, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, and industrialization. The governor attributed these accomplishments to the unwavering commitment and hard work of his executive council, praising them for their noteworthy contributions.


Each member of the dissolved executive council was individually recognized and commended for their specific roles in executing various government programs and projects. Governor Abiodun acknowledged their professionalism, competence, and dedication, emphasizing that their collective efforts propelled the state forward and positively impacted the lives of the people.



Concluding his remarks, the Governor expressed optimism for the future of Ogun State and assured the citizens of his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition and continued progress. He pledged to tirelessly select a new set of competent individuals to form a refreshed executive council that would sustain the developmental strides achieved so far.


As news of the dissolution spreads across Ogun State, citizens have expressed gratitude to the outgoing executive council members for their service. Many residents acknowledged the positive impact of their policies and programs, noting the improvements in critical sectors of the state.


Governor Abiodun’s decision to dissolve the state executive council is seen as a strategic move aimed at injecting fresh ideas and perspectives into the governance structure. It is expected that the reconstitution of the executive council will further invigorate the administration’s commitment to transforming Ogun State into a hub of economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development.


The search for competent and capable individuals to constitute the new executive council has commenced, with the governor assuring a thorough and transparent selection process. In the meantime, Governor Abiodun has called on all residents to remain steadfast and continue their support and cooperation as the government works diligently to build a better future for Ogun State.

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