In the world of Fuji music, there exists a legend whose melodies have touched the hearts and souls of countless individuals. Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, popularly known as K1 De Ultimate, has not only achieved musical greatness but has also become a beacon of inspiration for many. Today, we come together to celebrate a profound milestone in his life—the title of OloriOmoba of Ijebuland.


Prophet Genesis, a spiritual leader and a fervent admirer of Wasiu Ayinde Marshal’s musical journey, extends his heartfelt congratulations and spiritual blessings to this esteemed icon. To Prophet Genesis, this title is not just an earthly honor but a divine recognition of the extraordinary path that K1 De Ultimate has tread.


The music of Wasiu Ayinde Marshal has always possessed a spiritual resonance. His lyrics, imbued with themes of love, unity, and faith, have transcended entertainment to touch the very essence of the human spirit. Prophet Genesis acknowledges the profound impact of his music in uplifting souls and believes that he is not just a musician but a spiritual conduit.


The journey of a Fuji artist is one marked by dedication, perseverance, and an unyielding commitment to their craft. Late nights in the recording studio, electrifying performances on stage, and an unbreakable bond with his audience have defined Wasiu Ayinde Marshal’s career. Prophet Genesis recognizes the sacrifices made and the spiritual significance of these efforts.


As Wasiu Ayinde Marshal takes on the mantle of OloriOmoba, Prophet Genesis offers his prayers for divine guidance and wisdom. He believes that this title is not just a crown but a divine calling to serve and uplift the community of Ijebuland.


Prophet Genesis joins the chorus of well-wishers, both in the spiritual realm and beyond, in celebrating this momentous occasion. He is confident that Wasiu Ayinde Marshal’s music will continue to inspire, heal, and elevate the spirits of many. May his reign as OloriOmoba be marked by divine blessings, unity, and the fulfillment of a greater spiritual purpose.


In the triumphant footsteps of Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, we witness the convergence of music and spirituality, a union that brings solace and joy to the hearts of all who listen.

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