Olosun Achiever Charity Organization Worldwide Restates Commitment To Promote Culture And Tradition

The Olosun Achiever Charity Organization Worldwide has restated its commitment to continue to promote tradition, culture, and continue to educate and enlighten the people about the values and importance of the Yoruba culture and traditions.

While stating its mission, vision, services and values noted thus:

Our charity and it’s mission

1. Osun achiever is a traditional group founded to raise so many good news about our tradition to the world and to upgrade our tradition and culture with the aim of charity organizing to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people to cope with some of the helps we will be rendering off to them, and to give positive supports to people who needs supports

•Our Services

* We majorly build this organization to educate people to know more about our traditions and we give adequate training to people who are willing to join our organization with good impacts

* Counseling: We give crucial conversations that keeps us and our loved ones on the right track..

•Our Vision

To spread the good news and great impact of Osun segese has done in our lives to the world so has to make the world a better place..

•Our Missions/Objectives

✓ The prevention or relief of Poverty
✓ The advancement of Education
✓ The advancement of our religion
✓ The advancement of health or the saving of lives
✓ The advancement of citizenship or community development

•Our Aims are to:

✓ Provide decent and befitting lifestyles
✓ Provide high quality appropriate support
✓ Provide individual person centered development
✓ Enable individuals to be active members of the community
✓ Maintain and develop effective partnership with the local agencies

•Our Values are:

1.) RESPECT: we respect worth of every individual

2.) EMPOWER: Every individuals has the opportunity to help others fulfill their potentia

3.) INTEGRITY: We are open, consistent and accountable in all that we do

4.) INFLUENCE: we use our skills and knowledge to encourage, change and innovation

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