The Ogun state police command has confirmed the report of a lady in Ogun state, Abeokuta who stripped herself naked and began to bark like a dog.


Abimbola Oyeyemi who is the command Spokesman was responsible for confirming this. According to Abimbola, he said the command has been informed about the yet to be identified lady who may have been used for money ritual by an internet fraudster also known as Yahoo boy.

He said the reason why she is barking like a dog would be because of what the money ritualists did to her as he said that she must have been diabolically and spiritually used by the money ritualists.


He added that when she was brought to the police, she was not with any cloth and she became hard to control as she began to exhibit violence until she was put inside a cell.


The Police later contacted her parents and she was taken to the hospital. He said the Suspected Yahoo boy was arrested and interrogated and the case has now been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.


Abimbola said that they were unhappy and embarrassed after they noticed that the video of the victim was circulating on social media. He said he was embarrassed after he noticed that the victim who was out of control was recorded while in the cell. The Police Command has vowed that they will deal with who ever was responsible for recording the video and who ever is responsible for



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