Depression can be said to be a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and which can interfere negatively in one’s daily activities. In the midst of curbing depression in the state, one of the vast Nigerian journalists, Toyin Agbolade a lady editor of Alariya Oodua, a yoruba bi-weekly magazine has declared herself depressed over death of mother and loved ones.

She made this known on one of her social media accounts that “Loosing a loved one is just like losing one’s world. Life without my mother has not been easy, and I feel I should end it all”. confirmed that she is indeed depressed and has started thinking otherwise. The media team however advised her to mingle with friends, but she declared herself lonely as she doesn’t have friends.


Depression will only cause more harm than we thought it could be. Many see depression as an escape from trials and tribulations, some sees it as a healing tablet, but depression also kills and cause more harm to the society as suicide is not an escape from the realities of life.


P:S – This is a call to the family and relatives of Toyin Agbolade, a journalist and editor of Alariya Oodua as she needs more attention from loved ones.

Please call her No : 08035792122.


See Screenshot Below:

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