In a touching display of compassion and dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children, Presh, the renowned musician, recently paid a visit to Finger of God Orphanage. His visit was not only a gesture of goodwill but also a part of his mission to promote his latest music single, “Awake.” Presh’s presence at the orphanage served to shed light on a greater cause, one that aims to protect children and provide them with hope and support.


Finger of God Orphanage : A Sanctuary for Vulnerable Children

Finger of God Orphanage, located on Governor’s Road in Ikotun, Lagos, is a private orphanage registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development (MYSD). This institution is dedicated to providing a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children, offering them shelter, food, education, and emotional support. It is committed to nurturing children who have faced unimaginable challenges in their young lives, giving them the care and support they need to find hope for the future.


The Cece Yara Foundation : A Champion for Children’s Rights

Presh’s visit to Finger of God Orphanage was not merely a celebrity appearance but a testament to his commitment to the cause of vulnerable children. The orphanage is a partner of The Cece Yara Foundation, a child-centered non-profit organization established in 2016. This organization focuses on preventing child sexual abuse and providing access to care, information, protection, and emergency intervention for children who have experienced sexual abuse or are at risk.


The Foundation operates a 24-hour free child telephone helpline (0800 800 8001) and child-friendly Child Advocacy Centres in Gbagada, Lagos, and Abuja. Their mission is to create a safe and happy childhood for every Nigerian child, free from sexual abuse, with easy access to care, information, protection, and emergency intervention. Presh’s support of this noble cause speaks volumes about his dedication to using his platform for positive change.


Presh: The Multifaceted Nigerian-Canadian Neo-Soul Maestro

Presh, the extraordinary Nigerian-Canadian singer-songwriter, is known for seamlessly blending his African heritage with Canadian pop culture. His music spans across genres, including Amapiano, Afro-Pop, R&B Soul, Pop, Gospel, and Pop-Rock, influenced by a diverse range of artists such as Ulazi, John Legend, Kirk Franklin, and many more.


In 2019, Presh’s debut single, “Champion,” captured hearts and garnered attention, showcasing his vocal artistry. His rendition of “Champion” was embraced by radio stations and gained recognition on various platforms. In 2020, he released the soulful single “You Matter,” addressing societal issues and advocating for self-love and awareness.


Presh’s Visit to the Orphanage : Sharing Love and Gifts

During his visit to Finger of God Orphanage and the surrounding households, Presh and his team shared gift items with young and old alike. These heartwarming gestures brought smiles to the faces of those who received them, spreading joy throughout the community.


Prayers were offered in accordance with the visit, creating a sense of unity and hope. Presh’s commitment to making a positive impact extended beyond his music as he touched the lives of those in need.


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