The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has surprised church members with another round of empowerment.

During the church service yesterday, a young lady who is passionate about her hair dressing business was called out suddenly to take custody of a brand new hair dryer to support and enable her grow.

In the same vein, a male church member was shockingly handed the key to a brand new tricycle while the service was going on to his greatest astonishment, all in courtesy of the popular man of God whose impact is being felt all over the world.

Just two Sundays ago, a crippled young man who has been struggling to replace his wheelchair was given a brand new modern wheelchair worth millions of naira during the church service.
Primate Ayodele is one of the men of God who has made giving sacrificially a lifestyle with the kind of antecedents he has when it comes to philanthropic works.

His annual Thanksgiving Day; February 14 needs no introduction anymore because he has defined it as a day of philanthropy with the massive gifts he churn out to the public without any form of segregation.

During the most recent thanksgiving which was on 14th of February 2021, two people were given cars, many were given tricycles, youths were empowered, several individuals were given house rents, academic scholarship was awarded, relief materials were given out, to mention a few.

No doubt, Primate Ayodele is a force to reckon with in the prophetic ministry yet he has continued to fulfil the message of Jesus Christ which talks about loving one another without regarding any form of differences.

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