Following a grand entrance on to the beholden stage at the Lagos Oriental Hotel (Grand Ball Hall) at the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Victoria Island, Lagos, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe, popularly known as Genesis, commenced the Standout Conference 5G 2022, with nothing short of finesse in an evening which was graced by keynote speakers in the likes of Dr. Stephen Akintayo, Niyi Adesanya and Hon. Dayo Israel; showcasing a divergent and distinctive scope with the presence of these young proactive speakers, the event was an evening filled with God’s gifted and talented servants in a showcase of various impacting lectures and musical ministrations.



Highlight of the evening which took place on the 9th of October, was graced by musical performances from Mike Abdul and Beejay Sax and instinctive lectures from Hon. Dayo Israel and Niyi Adesanya, some of which are highlighted below.



Hon. Dayo Israel spoke about how he wanted to become a Local Government chairman but God made him a National Youth Leader of APC; he contested elections and lost but because of his loyalty and commitment to the party he was appointed as the National Youth Leader of APC – having lost his dad at the age of eleven, he was raised by a single mother – he went on to deliver a lecture which speaks to the minds of the youth.


Niyi Adesanya did also give an impeccable lecture where he speaks on “What you know, plus how you express what you know and multiply by who you know.” Deliberating on communication based on tone, confidence, body language, self esteem and creativity, he teaches the youths that “nobody gets to the top, as everyone is brought to the top.”


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