Indeed, “For every beginning, there’s always an end”. 2021 started within the blink of an eye, and finally in the next few days, we’re crossing over to the new and well packaged year tagged – “2022” in the arena of grace at Genesis Global Church, where we board the flight of uncommon mercies.

There are several reasons why you need to plan to attend, most importantly is to express our hearts of gratitude by expressing all doxologies to the omnipotent for the breakthrough of year 2021 and other packaged miracles.

The crossover service will hold at the Genesis Global Auditorium – 8/12 Duro Ishola Street, Off Egbado Road, Dalemo Alakuko, Lagos State at exactly 10pm on the 31st December, 2021.

Ministering in the service is Prophet (Dr) Israel Oladele Ogundipe (Genesis) and other anointed ministers of God.

For more enquires, watch the video.

You can as well join live via “cccgenesisglobal”.

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