My first close contact with her was during a music concert at Fadeyi, she came with her darling husband, Prophet Oladele Ogundipe Genesis and her humility and down-to-earth attitude caught my attention.



I paid a big attention to her and her husband and I was convinced that Prophetess Adesola Ogundipe is nothing but a woman of valor, a rare gem. She was at home with everyone, despite her enormous beauty and charisma, she almost knee down for us, when a friend and colleague, Aremu Adeniyi Arems introduced us to her as a men at media.



During the event, I also discovered she was not only a woman with humility, she is also a prayer warrior, a virtuous woman every man would desire in his life, she is a perfect combination of humility and beauty.


Since then, i had series of encounters with her and she has not changed from what I noticed from her at the first day, humility is her second name.


She equally demonstrated same during just held Genesis Global Harvest of strange mercy, she first greeted us when Arems took us to the church auditorium and she was every where with her smile welcoming people to the event. She was also shocked me with her humility when she requested for selfies from Arems.


She also dazzled me when she came to our table where we were eating, she respectful asked ‘Se e ti wa ok’, meaning are you ok with the food given to you.


This rare attitude of Prophetess Adesola Ogundipe is not common among the mummy G.Os some of them are even in competitive with their husbands in the house of God, wanted to be worship.



Prophetess Adesola Ogundipe, keeping it up, the world is watching you and there is a great rewards for humility here and life after.

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