Popular Fuji Act, Alhaji Mutiu Ishola, mostly addressed as Okiki Bright has revealed that most Fuji leaders are callous, which is standing as a hindrance to the fame of other up-and-coming Fuji artistes.



He revealed that he has worked with several top Fuji musicians, who do not really care about the existence of the up-and-coming Fuji artistes, as well as the well being of other band members, which is actually a thing to reminisce and feel sad about.


During an integrated interview session with Okiki Bright, he revealed that sometimes, it’s hard to walk through the path of fame, especially as an up-and-coming artiste who has only the name and limited financial stability.


He said, “While coming up into the industry, I used to be an Okada rider who uses that as a means to sustain my daily metabolism, but, however, when the fame came around, I had to stop due to the fact that all income realized will still be spent on the street fans, who will hail me, but wouldn’t know that there’s just fame alone, without funds in it.”


In a bid to assure his fans of his new and constant hit in the industry, Okiki Bright has revealed that he’s set to release a top notch album that will speaks a huge volume of his existence in the Fuji industry at large, and promises his fans and families to drop the hit this year.

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