Gentleman Dele Taiwo also known as Asiwaju Dele Taiwo JP, has since his return from pilgrimage to Jerusalem assume a new feat musically.


The FunkyJuju crooner has become more visible professionally as both his new and evergreen songs which rocked social gatherings years back have again taken the centre stage.


What is more, The Magic Moment player has released two chart bursting Singles of late: WiseUp and Dance O’Clock.


Speaking with ThePage News about the latest works, Taiwo said Wise Up was inspired by the need to urge Nigerians to turn out enmmasse to vote in the just concluded elections.


According to him, the inspiration came from the way and manner people have come to handle politics and elections in Nigeria.


He said people don’t elect based on merit anylonger, but on interest. “It does not matter whether somebody is performing or not, but he will remain in office for as long as he served an interest”


Taiwo decried a situation where politicians only give unfulfilled promises, urging them to turn a new leaf.


Giving more insight into the trending works, Taiwo said : both WISE UP AND DANCE O’CLOCK were recorded in Nigeria and UK.


The inspiration behind DANCE O’CLOCK he volunteered, is “that I noticed a lot of things are really happening awkwardly in the country, so we needed to make ourselves happy within ourselves no matter the difficulties, also to let people know that the world is coming to an end and so by this we should all move closer to God and be more prayerful”


He revealed further that he is planning a “big CONCERT/ANNIVERSARY…….35yrs in the industry and 31yrs of my First Album Magic Moment and My new Album…..Making 3 in 1 events same day.








Magic Moment and Dance O’Clock….have high tech tempo rhythm and dance all with the unique voice of Asiwaju Dele Taiwo.


“Within a week of release, a lot of positive responses have been coming from my numerous fans all over the world. This gives me the assurance that God is still on my side” Taiwo said

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