Russian airlines will be allowed to register their leased foreign aircraft in future in Russia after President Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing the move.

The measure means the state-owned company Aeroflot and other aviation firms can continue using their fleets on domestic routes.
The decree also enables the issuing of domestic airworthiness certificates, the TASS news agency reported on Monday.

The measures are in reaction to Western sanctions against the Russian aviation industry and at the same time a way of ensuring that domestic passenger flights can continue.

The aviation authority on the Caribbean island of Bermuda has revoked the airworthiness of all Russian aircraft registered there.

Many aircraft of Russian companies are registered in the British overseas territory, recognisable by the abbreviations VP-B and VP-Q in the registration plates of the aircraft.

In spite of the presidential decree, it is likely to become increasingly difficult for Russia to maintain civilian flight operations in view of the sanctions.

“For example, the European Union has ordered that Russia may not receive new passenger aircraft and spare parts and the aircraft may no longer be maintained and insured.

“Leasing contracts with Russian airlines must be terminated by the end of March.’’
This is likely to hit Aeroflot hard as the state-owned company relies almost exclusively on Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

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