Safety of citizens’ lives and properties is a crucial matter that requires the government’s undivided attention. Given recent occurrences, there has never been a more important time for Nigerians’ security concerns to be prioritized than now. A distressed community, gberigbe, Ikorodu has cried out for the immediate intervention of the governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Governor Babatunde Sanwo-Olu.

Residents of the gberigbe community of Ikorodu have reportedly been living in terror and trembling for over two years,as a result of criminal elements, sneaking into the community and stealing their belongings.

Many people have had their homes broken into while they were away, and others have been confronted by armed criminals who occasionally arrive with POS machines to forcefully take money from them. To a large extent, many residents live in fear while others are considering a possible relocation.

The security of human life and properties in the Gberigbe community has turned into a mirage, leaving the distressed residents in awe as they engaged their CDA executives in constant discussions which border on how to kick out the perpetrators of these nefarious activities to restore the old glory of the community.

Ominira Estate, Ewu- Owa, Ikorodu, is one of the communities most challenged by the situation. This community shares a border with the Ijede community and it’s located right before Imota. Vandalism, theft, and brutal invasion of this community are largely attributed to these unprecedented criminal activities. However, the CDA chairman, in the person of Mr. Remi Idowu has always assured the community of his belief in the commitment of the government of Lagos state to do a timely intervention.

He urged his fellow community residents to exercise patience while attention is channeled to the office of the Lagos State government for urgent intervention. It was in the view of communicating the challenge of this helpless community to the Lagos state government that our team received a briefing on the prevailing circumstance.

The most recent criminal incursion is the incident that happened on Wednesday and Thursday the 14th and 15th of July, 2021 respectively. This incident happened at the same address, same facility on two consecutive days. It was on the second day of invasion that luck ran against the intruder who is currently detained at Imota Police Station, Ikorodu. He was reported to have sustained some degree of injuries as a result of his tripping into a canal while attempting to escape.

As of the time of filing this report, the burglary suspect is being interrogated and shall be expectedly charged to court forthwith.

The distressed community, Gberigbe, Ikorodu is currently appealing to the Lagos State government to timely intervene in the menace of the incessant threats to their lives and properties by these criminal elements. This appears to be a circumstance of exigent concern to the community.

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