Every*body don turn to marriage adviser for my matter. Even m*ad man wey never ma*rry na mar*riage adviser too. Craze man who is yet to make up his mind wether to be a man or woman, is also giving me ma*rriage advice.

My first child is 17yrs old, in the university.
I have 4 more very hand*some and intelli*gent children.

You, it’s not even con*firmed wether your man*hood fit stand, na you wan give me marriage advi*ce? For the past 12yrs I have been at the t*op and cres*ted my name as one of the greatest actors in Africa, what have you achieved? In 2017 I set a record as the only Nollywood actor who has conte*sted for Governor and ran the race till the end.

Since then I’ve been a con*stant advocate for good governance.

What have you achi*eved within those years? Nothing, you bought a red bra. If you’re this mess*ed up in 2022, only God knows how mes*sed up you were in 2004, the year I got ma*rried. Na you wan advise me on marriage? Sad.This world don scatter honestly.
Social media has made pe*ople not to know their mates anymore. Any matter you see wey no con*cern you, you jump on it just to chase clout. Mr red bra, First of all, make up your mind wet*her na man or woman you wan be, then you g*et married.

Have children, if na man*hood you get use am born, if na wo*mb you get use am born, raise a family, achieve some successful years in marriage then you can come back and start giving marriage advice. Good luck.

See Screenshot below;


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