Ammunitions like AK47 Guns or pistols(loaded or unloaded) can be used to achieve peace, provide security, maintain law and order etc.

Similarly, if either finds it’s way into the hands of criminals, it can be used to commit crime, hurt others, ruin or set a society ablaze.


The handle you follow, how is it been used? Does it abuse the rights of others, commit crimes (knowingly/unknowingly) to entertain you? Social Media is not an alibi to encourage criminality, abuse of rights etc.


Annonymity of social media has further empower worst evil and criminality in some. It has advance demonic tendencies and witchcraft. Many are already bewitched yet they don’t know. Half information and lies turn facts or public opinions. Arrogance of ignorance now part of many young people upbringing online.


People engage in serious criminal acts in the name of online cruise, trending, clicks, notoriety hence the desperacy and recklessness. They hide behind FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION rights to violate, abuse and hurt others. A burden of curse on the society.


Young people prefer to keep vital information, bothering on sexual assaults, child abuse, threat to life, personal or national security to themselves until an irreparable loss occur. This some do to attract attention to themselves and trend online. Too Late!


Some engage in JUNGLE JUSTICE and RIGHTS ABUSES, then record it thinking such showoff on social media will attracts empathy and followers. They practically neglect the rule of law. Involve the law enforcement agencies on time not social media(except in few peculiar cases you may come online first).

Only on Naija’s social media you will find grown adults asking others to put laws into their hands rather than report cases to the Police. They rubbish the idea of meticulous investigation online yet want justice offline. Counterproductive!

For Nigeria to move from UNDER-DEVELOPING to DEVELOPED nation, for safer country, we must raise a society that respect the rule of law vis a vis HUMAN RIGHTS of everyone on and off social media.

Yomi Fabiyi
Founder, Break The Silence Foundatn

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