Sequel to acclaimed occupying of office of Iyaloja-General of Oyo state by Alhaja Saratu Aduke against the certificated and Government’s approved Princess Folasade Nurudeen (Abeo), 8 Clusters, 264 Iyalojas and over 500 market leaders across Oyo state have declared war against the later.


Declaration of war against Alhaja Saratu Aduke in respect of her acclaimed leadership was coming 24 hours after Conference of Iyalojas had accused Abeo of impersonation and issuance of sound warning to stop parading herself as the current holder of the exalted position in Oyo State.


Chief Mrs Oluwatoyin Zainab Apakala, Iyaloja South East Local Government Ibadan and Public Relations Officer of Iyalojas in Oyo state who spoke on their behalf, said she was highly disappointed in Aduke who is allegedly claiming of office that she has neither certificates nor government’s approved documents to back her non-existence installation.


Apakala maintained that, she and other Iyalojas in the state had thought that Aduke would tread cautiously not knowing she is ready to fight the battle she can not win.


She described Aduke as a dubious, exploitative, dangerous and chameleonic woman who wants to reap from where she had not sown.


Apakala alleged Aduke of turning upside down the history she has no knowledge of, asking her to come to clear terms with evidences to substantiate where and when she was installed as the Iyaloja-General of Pacesetter State.


Adding that she is an impersonator of office that is currently being held by Princess Folasade Nurudeen whom she described as a liberator, futurist and master planner who had brought great development since she came onboard.


The spokeperson maintained that Aduke is hellbent to cause disharmony, chaos and retrogression among the market leaders in order to tarnish the image of Governor Seyi Makinde.


She warned her to desist from parading herself as the Iyaloja-General of Oyo State, stressing that her action is calculated to be criminal tendencies which would be curbed by act of the law.


She however challenged Aduke and Alhaja Rafata Wahaab who orchestrated the sponsored news story to state the source of non-existence Conference of Iyalojas.



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