Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, took to her social media and revealed that the first person who gave her N100 million did not see her pants.

A few hours ago, Blessing CEO shared the text message she got from a lady who revealed her ordeal with a big man. The lady said that one honorable tried to sleep with her because she needed help to run her Ngo. She, however, revealed that she refused to sleep with the man even though he promised to introduce her to the people that matter in the country.

She added that the man later called her after a very long time, and asked her to make photocopies of her handbills and also attached an envelope to each of the handbills. She said that the man collected the handbills and shared them at the House of Assembly in Oyo State, and she also got N200,000 which she used in renting her apartment and since then, the man never called her again.
Replying to the lady, Blessing CEO said the man has done his work in the lady’s life and someone else will continue.
According to Blessing CEO, she said: “He has done his work in your life, another helper will show… Don’t be afraid. The first person who gave you me N100 million has not seen my pant.
Do you agree with what Blessing CEO said?
What is your opinion in this regard?

Source : Blessing CEO.

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