1steleven9jatv.com reports that the long awaited s*x tape of female musician, Tiwa Savage has surfaced on the social media and by all indications, it was released by her boyfriend who was in the act with her.

It would be recalled that when Tiwa Savage spoke about the s*x tape some weeks ago, she explained that the person that uploaded it did it by mistake but before he could delete it, someone had gotten it already.

As it is known, s*x is an act that takes place between two people without any third party except for commercial purposes and for Tiwa Savage, there is no way it could have been for commercial purposes. Therefore, it is obvious her boyfriend recorded the video.

Taking a look at the video, the man’s face didn’t show but Tiwa Savage’s face was very clear, all we saw about the man is his manhood and nothing more.





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