The much anticipated event from the hub of Tosin Eniba Fans Club Worldwide was held on the 15th April, 2023 at Kajola Street, Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos State.


While speaking about the theme of the Ramadan lecture, which is basically the meaning of Ramadan, the Chief Missioner, Sheik Muftaudeen Ajibade Aremu Aseyori stated that the fasting period is often an act to commemorate one’s heart with God, and to have a renewal of one’s relationship with God. He said, “it’s indeed a significant act from the deeds of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) while on earth, and which is a continual act that must be sustained.


He further used the medium of this year’s annual Ramadan lecture, to preach love and light across the globe, and also advised that in every Muslims secret prayers hub, this nation, Nigeria, should be remembered, especially for peace and for good life.


The host of the event, Queen Tosin Eniba Aduke, who’s popularly known as Yeye Fuji Omo-Ola appreciated all invited guests for coming and for coming with their respective A-game to lighten up the atmosphere of the event with thrilling music.


Queen Tosin Eniba Aduke, revealed that the program is actually a divine one, that sees to the coming together of all Muslims from various works of life, and also to preach the light of Ramadan to the populace of the public, educating them all on the meaning of fasting.


She further revealed that not everyone who are fasting, are basically aware of the importance, some has seen it as a custom to fast every year without having an indepth knowledge about fasting.


“I was glad when I came into the realization of the crowd that pulled down to this event, even when the fasting is quite tasking on it own. My special accolades to all invited guests, and the Chief Missioner of this ministry.


The event had in attendance Fuji Star,  Atawewe, who performed the Ajiwere through which it gave the atmosphere a new look with lightning, alongside other amazing Fuji Artistes and Islamic singers as well.

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