Life is only a meaningful place to be when one live a meaningful lifestyle that’s composed with love and selfless act. It can not be classified as a gainsay that Deaconess Felicia Agbolade Nee Ogunsanya has not lived a good life, obviously she has, as she lived a meaningful life that everyone’s well pleased at.

Sequel to the details about life, the entire family of Agbolade celebrates life again as it marks a year of the death of their beloved sister, mother and grandmother, Deaconess Felicia Agbolade who died at age 61.

Photo of late Deaconess Felicia Agbolade Nee Ogunsanya

It’s indeed a celebration of life, as she has beautiful and good memories in her records, she has been a caring mother and Grandmother.

Her Daughter, Toyin Agbolade who is the Editor of Alariya Oodua is the announcer of this news and the pioneer of the remembrance celebration for her late mother as reported via

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