Nigerian fuji musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (KWAM1), has been heavily lampooned by US-based comedian, Elenu, over a breach in contract and agreement. 

Elenu’s post comes shortly after the singer in a brief chat with Goldmyne TV explained the reasons for his delayed tour in the US. 

KWAM1 stated that he isn’t one to go through the back door and would only follow due protocol in a bid to get his band members into the US for the planned tour. 

“I must clarify something; I have dual nationality, a proud Nigerian and Canadian. I do not require a visa to the US but my band members require a visa because they own Nigerian passport.” The entertainer explained that his band members must be interviewed by officials in the embassy before they are granted visas while adding that he and his team members didn’t defraud anyone. 

Wasiu stated: “We owe our fans in high esteem. We are proud of them because they have been with us for years. Mike didn’t defraud anybody neither Wasiu. We can’t bypass the American embassy to say you want to come to the US, and I’m not going to do backdoor.” 

I wasn’t aware of any visa issues Responding to the interview, Elenu took to his page on Instagram stating that the musician and his manager never mentioned anything about the band members having visa issues. 

“Mike Fash said and I quote, ‘Alhaji wants everybody to be vaccinated before you guys can travel.’ That is what Mike told me and it was confirmed on your page. Coming here to now start speaking English.” The comic star claimed that he paid thousands of dollars to the musician and his manager and wasn’t updated about visa issues. Elenu stressed that he wants a refund of his money from both parties.

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