He hears directly from God and say it directly as directed by divine instructions. He never deviate from the truth and is always known to call a spade a spade. He is arguably Nigeria’s most endowed genuine prophesier as he has proven his mettle in that spiritual sphere. Welcome to the tremendously spiritual life of Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe, the General Overseer Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis Model Parish.


Adeniyi Johnson, Seyi Edun

Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe conveniently falls into the category of world’s leading seers of God’s true words. He represents truth, honesty and transparency in his spiritual journey, having magnanimously impacting on the lives of the less privileged and the impoverished.


In a world where there exist false prophets, The unstoppable man of God stands out gallantly as a staunch believer in true prophesy which he has been disseminating for years and working wonders on humanity.


He is a true man of God who sees accurately. His media aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi recently released a thirty seconds video where this exceptional prophet of God was jokingly prophesying to the Johnson family and unknowingly to them, few years ago that he would celebrate, carrying their twins very soon. In that short video, many were sighted saying a resounding amen as everyone was in joyous moods.


Today, the prophesy, perceived as a joke back then has come to pass as ace actor Adeniyi Johnson and his beautiful wife, Seyi Edun are currently caressing their twins in the comfort of their home. Without mincing words, Prophet Oladele Israel Ogundipe Genesis remains one among the oracles of God sent to the world, and if not, how would a man of God be saying something positive jokingly in a social gathering and in less than two years it came into reality?


In actuality, there is no way to trust, believe or differentiate a true Prophet of God than this, real reasons followers, friends and family should always take every statement/words from their Prophet more serious. Big congratulations once again to the lovely family of Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun.


Watch Video Below;




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