An active indigene of Ogun State, Omolola Ogunlaja who had an accident while on the field of work 3 years ago and who’s required to undergo a surgery on non union of the femoral fracture and knee replacement surgery in India with the sum of 15 million naira has actually received the sum of #500,000 from the Ogun state government.


It can be recalled that the friends and families of the victim, Omolola Ogunlaja has written a letter of support to the Gateway state government, and standing by the acronym that says that service to humanity is the best work of life has made the government to contribute her quota to the proposed medical tour of the victim.


Generalizing on the welfarism of all citizens of the State, the Executive Governor of Ogun State, Dr. Dapo Abiodun, has seen to be meeting up of the needs of all citizens of the state, as the governor has pledged to always render support to citizens who needs help.


Though, tongues are wagging, belittling the government of Ogun State for stooping so low helping her citizen who by virtual of doctors recommendation advised to undergo surgery in India with the sum of five hundred thousand Naira only (N500, 000) out of proposed fifteen million Naira only (15,000,000) needed.


Meanwhile, some had praised the governor of the state at least for his responsiveness claiming governor has every right to ignore such call as he thus, have more task before him.


Against all odds, the family and friends of Omolola Ogunlaja who has been exhausted financially due to several surgeries done has also appreciated the government of Ogun State for his goodwill and glad tidings as regards the health of Omolola Ogunlaja.


However, Omolola Ogunlaja has also taken to the social media platforms to appreciate the government of Ogun State on the donation, and also expresses her heart felt gratitude to the Executive Governor of the State, Dr. Dapo Abiodun, for his encomium of love showered on her, and also to other family and friends for not given up on her.


1steleven9jatv is also looking forward to receiving more positive responses like this for the raising up of Omolola Ogunlaja from the sick bed.



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