A popular actor and filmmaker, Ibrahim Yekini, aka Itele D Icon, has said he was heartbroken when he saw videos of the filthy condition some of his children live in.


Recall that during the week, the entertainer was accused of shirking his parental responsibilities to the four children he had with his lover before getting married to his current wife. According to the blogger, Ibrahim denied being the father of the kids.

When videos of where the children live surfaced on the Internet, the actor was widely criticised for letting his children live in such conditions.


However, in an interview with Sunday Scoop, the actor claimed that the children’s mother did not keep him abreast of happenings in their lives. He said, “I really do not want to talk about the issue of the kids. I have stated it on social media that I take my words back. I never knew that this would happen. Their mother neither told me nor showed me videos of where my kids are staying. The last time I checked, she told me they were living in the Alakuko area of Lagos State. The relationship I had with her ended 12 years ago. I do not even know if she is married now and I cannot just show up (at her house) without being invited. We actually talk well and she never showed any sign of annoyance.



“When I saw the video showing where my children stay on the Internet, I was heartbroken and I decided to let people know of my health condition. The day I was discharged from the hospital was the day I got the information.”


Itele further stated that contrary to the narrative making the rounds on the Internet, he had been taking responsibility for his children and was ready to do more. He said, “As regards taking responsibility for my kids, I have been doing that, though it may not have been enough. While being dragged online, I had to keep quiet because I have a lot going on that people must not know about. Rather, I offered my sincere apology. I believe I am trying and there are lots of things I cannot say outside. I am trying to be careful not to say certain things.


“I have plans to take one or two of the children to my place and I will enrol them in another. I am also looking into their accommodation issue.”


Credit : Punch

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