The founder, Genesis Global Church, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe has also joined other Nigerians who has a diverse opinion on the Muslim-Muslim ticket to share his own view as well, as he also frowned at the Muslim-Muslim ticket.



He said, following the general banditry unleashed against the christian communities particularly in northern Nigeria under the watchful eyes of the Christian – Muslim Presidential ticket, it’s still a provoking attacks, and comparing such to a Muslim – Muslim ticket, how much more will the attack looks like in the nation, specifically in the northern part of the nation.


He made it known to the entire populace of the public that the leaders are part of those causing political apathy in the youths, as he has nothing against the Muslim – Muslim ticket, as all leadership discussion has to begin from the church. He said, Who’s the ready-made leader to represent the Christian? As politicians shouldn’t be blamed but the Kings and Spiritual leaders. He however advised churches and mosques to endeavour to build leaders and humanitarian from the church, as there are varieties of unpleasant issues rounding on in the church.


The man of God also specified that it’s going to be a difficult times for the nation, and might lead to a slippery nation if the Muslim-Muslim ticket is allowed to stand.


In his words, he fought against the fact that many Christians are not encouraged to speak out because they have been manipulated from speaking out from the truth, as there are hypocrites and calibers in the church which is one of the basic issues most churches are fighting. Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe insisted that the fight should not be about the Muslim-Muslim ticket but about building a Christian leader at first from the foundation.


He advised that, anything that might bring about a break in the nation unity, love and tolerance shouldn’t be allowed to come into live. In a further interview with 1steleven9jatv, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe however made it known to the general public that this is neither a political statement nor an attack on any personality as his words might be misrepresented by some sections of the media.

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