Nigerian gospel musician, Dunni Olarewaju (popularly known as Opelope Anointing), has spoken concerning the history of her relationship with Reverend Esther Ajayi and her husband. Dunni recently made some revelations during her ministration.

You may have heard of Rev. Esther Ajayi (popularly known as Iya Adura), the head of the Love Of Christ Generation Church (LOC). Esther Ajayi is one of the top clergywomen in the country.

Speaking about her history with Esther Ajayi, Adunni said, “Reverend Esther Ajayi invited me to the UK shortly after I released Opelope Anointing, and I obliged. Since then, the Reverend Mother has not left me alone, and she has been assisting me financially since then. She often calls her financial gift “lunch money”. I made her the grand matron of my music ministry, and she happily accepted it. However, She almost made me run ‘mad’ about eight years ago.”

Narrating further, Dunni added, “The incident took place six days before the anniversary of my music ministry, and we did not have as much as N20,000 for it. I summoned my children and informed them about my predicament, but they were more concerned about hunger. Thirty minutes after I summoned my children, I got a bank alert which made me question my eyesight. I had to call someone else to help me verify that it was N1,500,000. I nearly ran ‘mad’ in the room, but I did not know who sent the money. I decided to spend the money anyway until I received a phone call from the Reverend Mother, informing me that she gifted the money to me. I questioned where she saw that huge amount of money at the time, and she told me that day that the wealth was yet to arrive, but it will arrive soon. She also told me that day that she had sent N1 million each to two of my acquaintances.”

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