It could be because the US is about to lose its crown as the global music pace-setter to Afro Beat nation!


Nigerian Artists should be warned against the western music producers and promoters. Afrobeat is a big threat to them.

Almost all their big names in the music industry are giving up and moving to Nigeria’s Afro-Beats.


The global music makers are afraid of Afro Beat makers especially the fast rising world acceptance and the way they are taking over the music world. They sent Beyonce and Farrell as spies to study Afro-Beats in Ghana; They even produced Afro-Beats music with One Ghanian artist.


It’s about time we started our own solid music award… We should not let the western world keep monopolizing everything! After all, Nigeria is the Mecca of world music


Watch out for the “Mother of all global Music Awards”…

Let’s us believe and support our indigenous brand and join the race.


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Michael Macaulay



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