Of a truth, when God speaks, the wise listen, and truly God does nothing without revealing it to his servants. Wiseman Daniel surely carried the unusual prophetic mantle from the late Prophet T.B. Joshua as one of his prophecies has been confirmed accurately again.

The current tragedy beguiling the nation of Malawi was first predicted by Wiseman Daniel. It is on record that the vision of this recent event that befell Malawi was first revealed by God through Wiseman Daniel on the 18th of July, 2021. He accurately predicted the raging storm that will happen and its adverse effect on the people.


Also on the 26th of September, 202, during the prayer meeting for All Nations, God repeated the message of prophecy through Wiseman Daniel about the Nation of Malawi for the second time as a warning about the impending danger of the wind and storm and the way out.


Also towards the year 2022, Wiseman Daniel gave the third prophetic warning as a reminder to the people of Malawi. But sadly, his voice was ignored.


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It would be recalled that More than 250 people are now confirmed dead in Malawi after Tropical Storm Freddy ripped through southern Africa for the second time in a month.


Huge amounts of brown water have cascaded through neighborhoods, sweeping away homes.


Malawi’s commercial hub, Blantyre, has recorded most of the deaths, including dozens of children.


Aid agencies are warning that the devastation will exacerbate a cholera outbreak in Malawi.


The government has declared a state of disaster in 10 southern districts that have been hardest hit by the storm.


Rescue workers are overwhelmed, and are using shovels to try to find survivors buried in mud.


“We have rivers overflowing, we have people being carried away by running waters, we have buildings collapsing,” police spokesman Peter Kalaya told the BBC.

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