We are all aware that Peter Obi of the Labour Party brought a lawsuit after Tinubu was named the winner of the INEC election. As the APC vowed to use all available means to maintain Tinubu’s victory, Peter Obi vowed to prove to Nigerians that he had won the election.



Professor Robert Dode will have made the evidence the tribunal will use to convict Tinubu public before the hearing on electoral concerns starts. He declared that the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) will be utilised to “nail” (to catch or establish someone committed something wrong) individuals who were rejoicing at the tRobert Dode ribunal. He believed that the INEC’s unwillingness to send real-time election results from polling stations, rather than the BVAS machines’ fault, was to blame.


The speaker said when explaining how the system may be utilised to bring Tinubu to justice that BVAS can be used to count votes and that the audit trail and digital imprint of fraudulently manipulated numbers will be used as proof to contest Tinubu’s victory.


He also said that forensic auditors may use the BVAS machine to compare the votes with the results that are now being uploaded by INEC as polling unit results to confirm what happened at the polling site after the election had been over for a few days. The copies of the initial voting unit results that were given to party representatives will be contrasted with this, he continued.



In addition, he asserted that if INEC failed to correctly count the results at the place of collation, it would do so at the tribunal.


Do you think that the opposition parties, particularly the Labour Party, which had few party agents in different parts of the country, will gain from this?


What’s your take on this?


Credit : Vanguard Newspaper



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