One of the promising prophet in Nigeria that is giving back to humanity what he has, and a significant icon in the politics realm, Prophet Faleyimu has expressed his opinion on the forthcoming election.


Prophet Faleyimu has expressed that the presidency isn’t for any of the candidates from the trending parties in the country; APC and PDP. He said, Nigeria might be ruled by an interim government if the time is still not ripe for Nigeria to escape suffering.


1steleven9jatv gathered that, the presidency is from the north unless they wish to grant it out to the rulers of the east, Igbo, that “Yoruba doesn’t have a winning hand in pdp”.


He however, advised that if the Yorubas doesn’t give room for each other in the All Progressive Congress, that the presidency is still going to be for the rulers of the north; Hausas. He claimed that God has ruled out both Apc and Pdp.


In his own opinion, he has claimed that the bloodshed in Nigeria started with the PDP party which was however handed over to APC. He claimed that a disruption will happen before the election that will make it clear to the populace of the public, that both either APC or PDP has a seat in the executive council as the President.


Prophet Faleyimu requoted his words from the inception of Buhari’s regime that God revealed to him that those holding a significant post in the nation, irrespective of their portfolios including the religious leaders and every Nigerian are in total darkness.


He claimed a prophesy will come by July as it always comes in the month from God to know who will be the next president of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.


He stated further that a messiah that will definitely save Nigeria from all troubles is yet to be identified and that this leading role isn’t a one to be forced, the leader that will leads will be called by the people and not a leader of personal opinion to rule.


In his statements with a media firm, 1steleven9jatv was able to garner the fact that he made mentioned of the likes of Osinbajo and Fayemi that they need not to force their Presidential ambition, as none of them has a better records than President Muhammadu Buhari, who’s still currently ruling the nation.


Prophet Faleyimu sent the hearts of the citizens into reminisce that he received the prophesy about tinubu the very day he collected the ambition form that he’ll end up like Abacha.


He prophesized that the president will be a man of God from ondo state, owoh local government & his father’s name will be Joseph .


His first two years will be arduous for Nigeria, and the country will go through a lot with it main source of income through it channel of distribution. But the Messiah for Nigeria will overcome all these tribulations as the spirit will lead him when the time is due.

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