Segun Oni, former Ekiti State Governor has said reports of Bola Tinubu moving to SPD if he doesn’t get the APC ticket is “mere speculations”. reports that Segun Oni made this statement in Abuja on Wednesday, June 1 while addressing the media after the inaugurating the SDP sub-convention committee.

He appealed to aspirants that the convention would be transparent, devoid of vote-buying, delegates inducement and rancor.

 Oni said;
“Too many speculations! Let me say that we are Social Democratic Party. As far as we are concerned our doors are open to everybody. We are not locking opportunities here. We will wait.

“Every process will be taken seriously and without any preference. So, do not speculate too far. We are going to have our convention.

“As far as I know, negotiation and consensus cannot be limited. We are also going to allow everything to be done in such a way that people will learn a lesson.
“We are not going to coerce anybody and we are not going to bulldoze our way through. Everything will be transparent. No part of our convention will take place in the dead of the night.

“This is the SDP that INEC recognized; I will not go anywhere if it is not recognized by INEC. Almost immediately after I completed the first round of formalities, INEC came up with a list of accredited persons who are going to contest the governorship in Ekiti and my is there. Which means the work done is in this office.

“The fact speaks for itself; I will like to appeal to our brothers that if there is anything to talk about, they should let us talk it over.

“This is not the time to distract Nigerians. Nigeria must get better; it is not about us individually it is about Nigeria collectively.

“We know some of them and we are going to engage them. We must talk, we must resolve our differences, and we must move forward together. Because they will all be relevant in the quest to move Nigeria forward.
“Nigeria has been going in a circle. But we know those parties are in a decline and new parties will emerge.

“We are going to lead a new vanguard of a new political party and run democracy the way it should be.”

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