1. He was married to four women before his untimely death.


2. His house and the Pastor’s house are beside each other.


3. He has put máagùn (thunderbolt) on the Pastor’s wife thrice, and the Pastor was victim but survived all three death attempts.


4. The juju priest has vowed to take the woman’s from Pastor’s if with his last breath


5. Pastor’s had sent the woman away uncountable times, but how do we explain that Pastor’s sent wife’s, and mother of his four kids away always bring her back.


6. Baba Egbeji was the putter of the last magun (thunderbolt), but a lot of prophecy did not Pastor to climb on the woman again.


7. Mistake pushed the herbalist to go and have sex with the Ladyvangelist.


8. Ejiogbe, the juju priest is from ondo town and not from Ikere-Ekiti. He only resides in Ikere Ekiti.


9. The Pastor’s Wife (Mum prophetess) is from Edo town.



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