The tranquil community of Adunbun, nestled in the heart of Itori, Ewekoro, Ogun State, has been thrust into a nightmare of fear and destruction. Led by the notorious Owoeye, popularly known as Baba Owoeye, a gang of hoodlums commonly known as land grabbers has been wreaking havoc, leaving a trail of shattered homes and traumatized indigenes in their wake. However, it has come to light that the imprisoned Mojeed Enitinwa, once perceived as the main figurehead, is merely a pawn in the hands of the true ring leader, Baba Owoeye.


Shobakin Akanji, also known as the Olori Ebi of Adunbun community, witnessed the community’s plight unfold firsthand. After the arrest of Mojeed Enitinwa and his gang members, following a petition to the Inspector General of Police, the community hoped for some respite. However, the gang’s true mastermind, Baba Owoeye, responded with a retaliatory surge of violence, bringing in reinforcements to continue their destructive rampage.


The Land Grabbers’ Reign of Terror :

In a recent and chilling incident, the land grabbers launched a brutal attack on Kayode Falola, the Baale of Adunbun community. Under the cover of darkness, at about 1 am, with over 30 gang members, they targeted his home, inflicting severe injuries on the Baale, razing his house, and destroying his car. The level of violence displayed by the gang has struck fear into the hearts of the community’s residents, leaving them to live in constant dread of the next attack.


The devastation wrought by the land grabbers has left Adunbun community in a state of despair. The attack on the Baale has left him hospitalized and in a coma, while community members are fleeing in fear of further violence. Adding to their anguish, influential figures like Kabiyesi Fatai Akorede Akamo, the Olu of Itori Kingdom, have shown support for the land grabbers, exacerbating the community’s desperation.


While Mojeed Enitinwa was initially believed to be the driving force behind the gang’s reign of terror, the shocking revelation points to Baba Owoeye as the true puppeteer. Mojeed, now remanded in prison, appears to have been a mere figurehead, taking orders from Owoeye, who orchestrated the gang’s criminal activities.


Community’s Response :

Adunbun community’s plea for help intensifies as they face the harsh reality of Baba Owoeye’s influence even with their ostensible leader behind bars. With their homes destroyed and their lives shattered, the indigenes of Adunbun continue to appeal to Governor Dapo Abiodun, the Inspector General of Police, the CP, and the State House of Assembly for urgent intervention to restore peace and justice.


Adunbun community, once a peaceful haven, is now a battleground for survival against the relentless onslaught of land grabbers, masterminded by the elusive Baba Owoeye. As the cries for help echo through the corridors of power, the indigenes of Adunbun can only hope that their pleas will be heeded, and that they may soon find solace and security in their beloved community once more.



Baale being injured by the land grabbers


Photo of the baale of the community before he was attacked by land grabbers 

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