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Those who grew up during Nigeria’s early comedy era of the 60’s – 80’s will remember popular names like Jagua, Papalolo, Aderupoko, Jacob, etc These men by all standard were great comedians who left unforgettable memory in the heart of those who watched their skits.

Later in the 90’s came into limelight Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe an indigene of Ikorodu, Lagos State. Baba Suwe became popular when he featured in popular Yoruba movies like Omolasan, Iru Esin just to mention a few.

Sadly little did this happy going man know some experiences that will later change his life was waiting ahead of him. In 2011 Suwe was caught up in the web of allegation of cocaine drug trafficking by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency. Though the allegation was described by Baba Suwe’s laywer a human right activist Bamidele Aturu as been false and deformatory.

This bitter experience as recounted by the veteran actor was said to be very traumatic as he said men of NDLEA injected him several times in a bid for him to defecate so as to ascertain traces of cocaine.

The maltreatment according to him left him crippled.

While he was making frantic effort to come out of the NDLEA scandal Baba Suwe lost his soul mate and wife Omoladun who featured with him in many movies.

Baba Suwe’s travail didn’t stop there as the news of his death surfaced on social media. Debunking this Baba Suwe said he was sad that some people wanted him dead.

Later in 2019 he was flown abroad due to multiple health challenges with some well meaning Nigerians footing his hospital bill.

When I read yet another news today about Suwe abandoning a son and one of his wife that flunked around him in a picture post that was posted online I couldn’t help but go listen to the popular song by Bob Dylan that says

“How many Roads must a man walk down before he is called a man

How many years can some people exist before they are allowed to be free

Surely the answer is blowing in the wind

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