Big Brother Naija Shine ya Eye housemates, Saga and Nini, are learning the hard way, as Biggie punished for failing secret task.
The two lovebirds have been punished by Biggie for Saga’s failure to keep up with the secret task he was assigned earlier in the week.
Liquorose and Saga during a Diary Session on Tuesday were instructed to play a prank on their love interests in the house, by picking a fight with them till their next diary session.
Barely a day into the prank, Nini had an explosive clash with fellow housemate, Cross over bathroom cleaning. This led to Saga having to break character in order to calm her down.

In the process he also revealed why he had been been “giving her attitude” as she had claimed in a confrontation with him earlier in the day

“Yesterday during the Diary Session, he (Biggie) said there’s a task for me, that I should fight with you and not talk to you till the next Diary Session,” he said.

He further speculated that Liquorose, who was also avoiding her love interest, Emmanuel, was given the same task during her diary session.

Waking up to punishment

On Thursday, day 54 of the show, the housemates woke up to the Garden in utter disarray with a letter by Biggie set on a stool.

The letter which was addressed to Saga and Nini, instructed that they both clean up the disarranged room without any help from other housemates.

They are only allowed to go for short bathroom breaks while the punishment lasts. However, at least one person must be in the room at all times till it is cleaned up.

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