Forgiveness is key to having a peaceful mind, and people are always advised to forgive those they think may have offended them, not really because they want to start up their relationships all over again, but for their peace of mind. Cote d’Ivoire lady and former personal assistant to Crossdresser Bobrisky, Oye Kyme, in a question and answer session on her Instagram story, revealed she’s forgiven her former boss.

According to her, even God forgives, so who is she not to forgive? “Although it ended badly, we have a lot of beautiful memories.”

Recall that Oye once called Bobrisky out for not just maltreating her, but also refusing to give her the one million naira she promised her, after she (Oye Kyme) tattooed Bobrisky’s name on her body.

Although Bobrisky denied hitting her and also went on to ask her to provide video evidence that such a thing happened between them, Kyme couldn’t provide it and the matter died down like that.

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