“As the young, vibrant kid made his promise to always be at his best in Academics and Football without clashing.”

The evolution of Samod since he commenced training with the team is giving the management and technical crew something to cheer as he is set to take the world of soccer by storm in a not too distant future by staying steadfast, focused and dedicated.

An interview conducted with the brilliant youngster gave an insight on his journey to the academy:

Can we meet you?
“I’m Samod Abayomi, a 13yr old from the Aladaba family in Lagos State currently in SS1.

How long have you been playing football?

I started playing football at the age of 7yrs old occupying several positions on the field of play from been a Goal Keeper, Defender and also playing a Striking role.

Why did you join Buruj Sports Academy?

I’m there to learn the basic rudiments in football and also to build myself to becoming a better player, master my foot works and carefully develop my skills.

How did you come across the academy?
I google searched many football schools but I see that Buruj Sports Academy is the right place for me to be.

What do you have to say to your parents?
I sincerely appreciate my parents for their support right from the time I discovered myself as a footballer.

In 2019, I explained myself to my Dad and he was able to understand my plight, he gave me the parental advice I needed to move forward.

My appreciation goes to my Mum and Dad for fulfilling their promise and making me pursue my dream at Buruj Sports academy

Which is your favorite soccer team?
My favourite football Club is PSG, and I became a fan when my role model Lionel Messi got signed into the club cos everywhere Messi goes I follow cos I aspire to play more than he does.

The CEO of the academy Dr. Salaudeen Waheed Buruj expressed his satisfaction on the character and good attitude put up by him and the kind of family he came from which he said would form a yardstick for greatness to set in by the time he come of age.

Check out photos below.

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