Plans are currently on top gear for the unmasking of the much anticipated non-governmental organisation “Phinadon Touching Lives Foundation” in Lagos come 18th of March, 2023 at the prestigious Presken hotel event center, Allen avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.



The foundation, floated by Nollywood star whose prominence in face reality soap opera by AK MEDIA couldn’t be unnoticed, Phinadon has been given back to society within her capacity before she opts to spread her tentacles hence, the formulation of “Phinadon touching lives foundation”.


As schemed by the management of the organization, 18th of March is a scheduled date for the unveiling of the foundation. The program as informed will have scores of Nigerian celebrities in attendance.


Astonishingly, the convener and the founder of the outfit herself, promised to Jet down to Lagos from Europe where she had based for close to a decade to grace the event.


It’s however noteworthy that the organisation as noted, planning a massive charity outreach to widows, widowers and vulnerable aged people in the society. Going by the communique made available to our reporter, the outreach event slated to take place at Agbowa area of Lagos State where food items and cash would be distributed to the above mentioned vulnerable.


Speaking about her sponsorship, Phinadon, vehemently denied ever being sponsored by any non-government organization nor politician, “me and my team are investing our hard earning money on this project, this was borne out of the passion for giving back to the society where we were made.


“I am doing this for the sake of heart of giving dwelling in me. I have not got a single support from anyone; I am funding this project all alone no support from anywhere. I am not doing this for my own financial gain; no! Rather, I’m doing this for the passion of it. Although, there is limitation to the number of people I can reach out to considering my financial status thus, we implore private sectors that have gained stability in Nigeria economy and of course government ministries and parastatals to dive into this initiative and support us so we can reach out to more larger number of people in the society.


“Our strength of support is not limited, we deal with vulnerable in all walks of life. We help people in need not only widows and widowers or aged. We render support to the needy with zero consideratiotn of religion, tribe and ethnicity,”Phinadon said.


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