Lagos, Nigeria – As December approaches, the city is set to witness a unique confluence of divine melodies and spiritual blessings with two remarkable events, “Hallel (Night of Praise)” and “Harvest of Strange Favour,” both orchestrated by Genesis Global Church and hosted by the esteemed Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe.


Event One : “Hallel (Night of Praise)”

On the 15th of December, 2023, the air around Duro Ishola Street, Off Egbado Rd., Dalemo, Alakuko, Lagos, will resonate with celestial harmonies as Genesis Global presents the “Hallel (Night of Praise).” This night promises to be a soul-stirring experience, guided by the spiritual insights of Prophet Israel Ogundipe.

A lineup of exceptionally talented individuals is set to grace the stage, each with a unique flair for praising the divine. Among the stellar performers are Bukola Ittah, Moji Daramola, Apekeola, Dare Oxygen, Oluwasegunfunmi 02, Engo, Bidemi Olaoba, Rain, and Moses Harmony. The night will be filled with worship, exaltation, and an outpouring of gratitude.


Event Two: “Harvest of Strange Favour”

From the 15th to the 17th of December, 2023, the celebration extends to a three-day extravaganza, culminating in the “Harvest of Strange Favour.” The venue, 8/11 Duro Ishola Street, Dalemo – Alakuko, Lagos, will witness a transformative journey from the Friday Praise & Prophetic Night to the Sunday Thanksgiving, all under the guidance of Prophet Israel Ogundipe.

The performers, including Bukola Ittah, Moji Daramola, Apekeola, Dare Oxygen, Oluwasegunfunmi 02, Engo, Bidemi Olaoba, Rain, and Moses Harmony, bring their individual acts to create an atmosphere of divine connection and spiritual elevation. The multifaceted schedule promises a dynamic experience, blending the power of praise with prophetic insights and culminating in a joyous thanksgiving on Sunday morning.


Harmony Unleashed: A Fusion of Spiritual Celebrations

What makes these events even more special is the common thread woven through both – the participation of an ensemble of extraordinary performers. From the soulful renditions of Bukola Ittah to the uplifting beats of Dare Oxygen, each artist adds a unique layer to the spiritual tapestry of these celebrations.


Under the patronage of Prophet Israel Ogundipe, these events not only promise an abundance of musical delights but also serve as platforms for spiritual growth, divine connection, and a harvest of strange favor. Attendees can expect an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and souls.


As the city prepares to embrace the fusion of “Hallel (Night of Praise)” and “Harvest of Strange Favour,” attendees are encouraged to come with open hearts, ready to immerse themselves in the divine symphony of praise and favor that awaits them.

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