Like a colossus he stands gidigba adorned in nobility, resilience, strength and wisdom.

To some he is seen as a prophet /philosopher with songs that have stood the test of time . Others see him as moralist whose music and the teaching therein has kept the moral compass of his people from sinking into oblivion.

His music cuts across all generations ,ethnic groups and social strata.

He is recognised today as a very consistent Juju musician and the first Nigerian musician with highest songs (660) recording.

His humility and simplicity continue to adhere him to the hearts of many of his fans and well wishers.

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey MFR has paid his dues beyond mere rhetorics and his name still awaits a permanent place in the book of history as a *Musical Epitome of Success.*

Congratulations to an Evergreen Music Legend of all time….

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