T.B Joshua’s Protégé, Evangelist Frank Harvey Logan, Calms Raging Hurricane Ian
Against the frightening forecast of meteorologists who had warned that Hurricane Ian would ruthlessly hit the Tampa Bay region of the state of Florida, God, through His servant, Evangelist Frank Harvey Logan, commanded the raging storm to recede, in the mighty name of Jesus!

Residents of Tampa had nursed the fears of coming under the catastrophic rage of one of nature’s most violent storms until God’s servant, evangelist Frank, was moved by the Holy Spirit to forestall what would have been a disastrous experience for them in 100 years.

Equipped with God’s anointing and the omniscient unction of the Holy Spirit, evangelist Frank dared the frightening odds and went straight to the water in the Tampa Bay region, taking the fight to the storm and commanding it to flee the region, in the mighty name of Jesus! Quoting from the book of Mark 4:13, he said: “Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and spoke peace to the sea and said, ‘Peace, be still’ and the winds ceased and there was a great calm. Right now, I stand on the same authority, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and I speak to the storm of Ian, peace, be still, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. You are not welcome to Tampa. You are not here to steal, kill and destroy. Therefore, every assignment of darkness over this land is cancelled, in the mighty name of Jesus! I cover this land with the precious blood of Jesus! I cover it with the fire of the Holy Ghost!

Testifying to the great miracle, residents of Tampa, including the Mayor, Jane Castor, thanked God for sparing them from the wrath of Hurricane Ian. “We don’t have any report of death in the direct path of Hurricane Ian”, she told the media.
Other residents who spoke also expressed their gratitude to God for saving their city from Hurricane Ian after the prayer of evangelist Frank. A resident, by name Nissi, said:

“Tampa is so lucky; we got spared from major damage from the hurricane.” For Teresa Gee, another resident, she said: “We thank God. Tampa was actually spared from a direct hit by Hurricane Ian.”
Evangelist Frank, a protégé of the late world-famous Prophet TB Joshua, has maintained that his ministry, Faith Hope & Love Ministries, Tampa, Florida, will continue to depend on God’s direction and power to answer the fundamental questions of life. For him, God, through His son, Jesus Christ, and the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit, remains the ultimate solution to the problems of this troubled world.

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