December 12, 1997 is a day that has left indelible mark in Yinka Ayefele’s memory. Today makes it exactly 25 years that he got involved in a motor crash on his way to Abeokuta to anchor a radio program for his boss Kola Olawuyi. This ugly incident has since confined him to the wheelchair after sustaining severe spinal cord injury and 5 broken ribs.



Ayefele was refered to the University College Hospital, Ibadan where he was admitted for 11 months under intensive care.


Ayefele became physically challenged after this fatal incident .He got Inspired to share his excruciating pain to the world through the power of music while on admission in UCH. Yinka penned down several songs with the most popular track today titled *Bitter Experience* where he recounted his ordeal in his Journey through life. Ayefele received encouragement from Kola Olotu to put the song into album and launch so that proceeds from sale can be used for further treatment abroad. The emotional laden song Bitter Experience was released in 1998 and it became Yinka Ayefele’s debut album which shot him to limelight and it received huge public sympathy and acceptance.


When he was finally discharged from hospital he did his second album which he called *Sweet Experience* released in a bid to show his appreciation to friends and loved ones who stood by him.


Prior the ghastly accident in 1997 Ayefele was a seasoned broadcaster in Radio Nigeria and wouldn’t have thought in his wildest dreams that he could go fully into music.


The Tungba creator is one of the few musicians whose darkest moment turned to good for him. He is one who have prevailed over many circumstances with strong determination to succeed.


25 years today Yinka Ayefele’s name has become a household name and endeared in the heart of lovers of good music at home and abroad. He is among the very few indigenous musicians of his generation still rocking the social scene playing back to back at events.


Truly there is ability in disability.


We wish this musical enigma a 25 Years Anniversary…

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