Ibile Partners, a law firm situated in Lagos State, has reported through the honorary Deputy Inspector General of Police, of a murder case allegedly committed by Duke Solomon, the Managing Director of Smartbricks Property, in which the Deputy Commisioner in charge of the Lagos State Command, is accused of trying to pervert justice by detaining the investigation officer, from Noforija Police Station, and in return gave the murderer a VIP treatment, to be sleeping in hospital rather than detention.


The Law Firm, assured the Odoyangusin village of the honorary DIG commitment to justice.



The information obtained by our correspondent, claimed that Duke allegedly ordered his police escort, to kill one Mr Marcos, over land dispute at Odoyangunshin Community in Epe, Lagos State.



The petition letter, which was sent to him, through the Commissioner of Police, Homicide Department, Force Headquarter, Luis Edet House, Abuja, read thus: “We act as solicitors to Odoyangusin family of Epe, Lagos State herein referred to as our Client, and on whose express instruction we write this petition.


Our Client Odoyangusin Community are the customary owners of the large expanse of vast land, lying and being situated at Odoyangunshin Community, Eredo FCDA, Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State, which is now a subject matter in suit number: EPD/11441LMW/2022, in a High Court of Lagos State, holding at Epe before Hon. Justice W. Animahun .


In a ruling dated the 2nd day of June, 2022, the court ordered that parties to the suit should maintain Status Quo, pending the determination of the matter.



However, contrary to the order, it was brought to the notice of the Court that, the Defendants in the said matter, are flouting the court order of Status Quo, pending the determination of the said suit; instead of the Defendants to abide by the Court order, they have continuously, deliberately, disregarding and jettisoning the order of the court, and carry on business as usual, by continuously working on the subject matter of the case in court.


This prompted the Judge on the last hearing date, to issue a directive to the Claimants to go to the subject matter, to take pictorial and video of the continuous act of flouting court order, by the Defendants and furnish the court on the accusation of the Defendants’ continuous work on subject matter.


In a bid to actualize this directive of the Court, the court Bailiff, in person of one Mr. Arogundade, went to the Land in question to take the pictures of the current work on the Land as directed by the Court, but the Bailiff was prevented from taking the pictures by the above mentioned persons, wherein one Lola Olumoko shot into the air to scare people away, and threatened to kill the Bailiff or anyone that dare come to the said Land to take any picture, as a result of which the counsel filed an affidavit, to that effect in court informing the court of the happenings.



The Community accredited representative of the Odoyangusin, under the leadership of Chief Francis Adebambo ordered the youths of the community to go on the Land to take the pictures.



On that Tuesday, 19th day of July, 2022, the said youth led by Akala Oluwasesan, and other members of the community, which includes; Marcos, Akala Sesan, Laja Adelaja, Sikiru Adebambo and others, went to the land in dispute to take pictorial and video, evidence of the Defendants’ continuous working on the land, to file and inform the court as directed by the Judge. On getting to the land on the said date, they met men working on the land, and got hold of the men working and took their pictures and the work done so far.


On their way back home, they were attacked by one Duke Solomon of SmartBricks Property, who had been informed of their presence, to take pictures of those working on the said subject matter. He (Duke Solomon) had with him a Police Escort, and hoodlums met on their way going back. The said Duke Solomon firstly, met with the youths on their way returning from the Land, and tried to stop them but they refused to stop, unknown to them, he has turned and trailing their car behind while he had already contacted his boys to accost them in front. The said hoodlums which includes Lola Olumoko, Sikiru Olumoko, Bidemi Amusa, Gabriel Amusa, Fisara amongst others, accosted the said youths in front,forced their motorcycle to stop and threw the riders away from the bike, while they were beaten with several weapons and machete them, wherein one Sikiru Adebambo, sustained a grievous bodily harm in his head and fainted due to loss of blood, thinking he was dead and the other guy (Laja), on the bike managed to escape the scene.


While those on the bike were already dealt with, the vehicle conveying others was forced to stop, as they could not ride on the bodies lying on the road, to their surprise, the said Duke Solomon’s vehicle that contain himself, his Police Escort (Solomon Shadrack) and his driver was already behind them.



As a result of the above, Duke Solomon (MD Smartbricks), ordered his orderly to open fire on the car conveying the youths, when he angrily said to his Police Escort (Solomon Shadrack), shoot them! Shoot them! It was then the Police escort that followed Duke Solomon started shooting, and aiming his shooting direction at the vehicle, that had been obstructed by the motorcycle that were earlier attacked. The reckless shooting of the Police escort, resulted in killing Mr. Marcos, one of the community’s family members, who was killed by a gun shot by the neck, and another person, Mr. SANYA sustained a gunshot injury that landed him in hospital, begging for his life as we write this petition. It was as a result of this, that Akala Sesan ran to Noforija Police Divisional Headquarters, at Eredo, Epe and reported the killing of one of them, and the gun injury of another person with them.



The Policemen from Noforija Police Station, moved to the scene of the incidence met and arrested Duke Solomon, Police escort, his hoodlums and those working on the land, and took them to Area J Police Headquarters, and ACP Agboola, the Area commander of Area J Police Command, at Elemoro said it is beyond what they could handle, because it involved homicide, he instructed the DPO of Noforija Police Station to go and take the confessional statements of the Complainant, and the Accused Persons and the matter be taken to the Homicide Department of the State CID, Panti.



It was on the 20th of July, 2022 that the IPO in charge of the matter, took the Accused Persons to Panti Police State CID, following the directive of ACP Agboola of Area J Command, Elemoro.


It is with utmost regrets we are registering our disappointment, and displeasure by the news of the development, and follow up of events, unfolding at the State CID Panti. We observed and perceived foul play in the State CID, Panti in handling and investigating the matter, as the Deputy Commissioner there started shown bias, by giving preferential treatment to Duke Solomon, an Accused Person in an homicide case.




More shocking was the fact that, the IPO that took the suspect to the State CID Panti, was arrested and detained for handcuffing the said Duke Solomon, who the DC Panti described as VIP, but to the law he is the Principal suspect and the Complainants, were also detained at the State CID, Panti asking for a very huge sum of money to release the Complainant.




This practice of selling justice and fairness to the highest bidder, found very common in our society, an act that will only further strengthen the favouritism accusation leveled against the Nigerian Police institution by the society, the trend of such is tarnishing, and wrecking practices of the Nigerian Police Force, and if not curbed and or if left continue to linger on, by the activities of Police officers who handle with levity sensitive matters, such as the one at hands when the accused person are well to do, and influential member of the society who can either buy their way out and allow them to go scot-free, will cause more further doom for the Nigerian Police Force and the country at Large.




The Officers at Panti did not only stop at giving Duke Solomon special treatment, but also had the IPO from Noforija Police Station arrested, and locked up for doing his job and doing the need by ensuring that Duke Solomon was handcuffed not to escape justice, and treated same way in accordance with the other accused person, because in his (IPO) believe all animal are equal. This feckless, reckless and careless directive at the State CID, Panti to give Solomon an accused Person, a special treatment and handled a case of that magnitude that involved, the loss of a humans life and another in hospital, begging for life is uncalled for, unexpected and unacceptable of senior Police Officer, who is trusted and expected to be fair, equitable and just in his judgment and discretion, at all time no matter whose Ox is gored; and also protect the Police institution’s reputation, of which he is a member that the present Inspector General of Police, and his teams are toiling day and night to rebuild and make one of the best Police Force in Africa cum the World.


It is in view of the development that we petition, the garrulous and pit of hell kind of approach, being on display here by the State CID Panti, and the handling of the subject matter at hand that involve homicide to your good office, an office (Homicide Department) that we so much trusted, not to allow this kind of daylight robbery, that is being clearly portrayed to prejudice, preconceived perfected and perpetrated by the State CID Panti, and rob getting to the root of this matter, be a thing of the past. If this perpetrators are allowed to go without allowing them facing the wrath of the Law, such will amount to a slap to the Criminal Justice System, which the Nigerian Police is the entry point and integral part of.


Allowing such injustice as perceived, is like a pathway to lack of trust in the Nigerian Police Force, by the society at large, and will only strengthen jungle justice, that the Nigerian Police is campaigning against and can also resulted, to the members of the society to resolving to self-help, which might resulted to breakdown of law, and order that the Nigerian Police Force is enshrine to prevent at all time, hence the Nigerian Police need to lay a precedence with this kind of cases, that will serve as deterrent to every members of the society irrespective of status and pockets.


We hope that this wake-up call to the Nigerian Police, to follow through on this matter and conducts a rigorous, thorough and unbiased investigation, to see to the bedrock of this matter, and not be allowed to sweep the case of this magnitude under the carpet, by men of the Nigerian Police, who are hellbent on creating enmity between the society and the Police, by the way of the Police scrupulous element in Police Uniform, in their wild goose chase that is meant to serve the interest of those who are confidence of buying their way out, whenever the wrath of law caught up on them.


It is in the event of the above, we petitioned your good offices to carefully investigate the above named persons, and uncover their criminal act and conduct that led to the lost of live, and grievous bodily harm injury to other persons.


It is therefore with painstaking equanimity, that we urge your good office, to lend eagle eyes at this matter with immediate alacrity, by taking over the matter for a proper and thorough investigation, to reveal the fact and position thereby halting and preventing the miscarriage of Justice, orchestrated and being perpetrated by the State CID, Panti.




Sir, unless Your Good offices urgently take over this matter, and investigate these criminal acts of terrorizing, maiming and killing by the above mentioned persons, the above mentioned person, will continue to use their influence and power, to terrorize the said community. As such, your Office is called upon to discreetly investigate the seemed-above-the-law individuals, and bring them to check.


We will at this juncture keep dry our keg of gunpowder, dry and trust your good office as you attached the utmost urgency to prevent further damage, of the criminal element of this matter and prevent the evidences, from being tampered with as we relied on your good office, as always on your unbiased professionalism at all time. JUSTICE IS NOT FOR SALE AND MUST NOT BE SOLD AT ANY COST WHATSOEVER!”.

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