However, a smart phone is LETHAL when connected to the Internet. It can as well be a DANGEROUS or USEFUL WEAPON depending on the user.

There should never be any reason in this world to justify recording or sharing sexual abuse, harassment or defilement of a child. We will never be silenced and our narratives will never be twisted if we stumble on any. Nigeria need to leave underdeveloped to develop nation. To attain this, HUMAN RIGHTS enforcement must be our main pillar and religion.

If you give the pass code to a smart phone with Internet connection to a teenager with high youthful exuberance and anxiety, you have allowed access to a weapon. They either use it to destroy themselves or others. Social Media does more harm than good owing to this.

Where you cannot SUPERVISE the entire time a child in your care spend on an Internet enabled device(in school or at home), quite honestly you have lost the moral right to question whoever abuse or influence your child negatively. Logically, you are ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT; you may or should be punished. Play your role and abusers will have infinitesimal or zero chance to exploit innocent children.

We MUST stop the habit of PICKING EXCUSES for negligent parents in our society. It is the right of every child to be protected from abuses. Native experience tells that by now poverty, ignorance, civilisation, work, bad government etc are no excuses for these crimes and loopholes. Bad parenting is the first factor.

Parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities. How a society raise every child determine the kind of generation to expect next. infact, it determine the kind of adults, political leaders, public servants, masses to expect. What we produce from each home are what we get, none was imported.

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