It’s with regrets and sad tidings in my heart to express my thoughts on the death of Sylvester. It’s a great tragedy on the nation itself, because an injury to one is an injury to all.

I have heard about it and I have meticulously looked into the situation, but how possible could it have been for playing football leads to a journey of no return? We all play football while at kids and even at the top notch of our rough ways of playing football it’s not possible for such kinds of playing of football leads to the death of the little boy.

How about the management of the school itself, I believe and strongly believe that in a citadel of knowledge where there’s proper monitoring of the wards, such will never occur.

However, I’m using this medium to persuade the government to be more fervent in their investigations and make sure justice is attained, because if not, same issues might persists again and which will place the pubic out of trust on the government.

It’s high time we challenged ourselves as parents to checkmate our parental styles, how best are we doing in monitoring our wards, how close are we to them? How conversant is our ways towards them? I feel this should stand as a lesson to the rest of us. Indeed it’s painful, but then God knows best as the little poor boy has gone to rest in the hands of his maker.

I extend my deepest condolences to the Oromoni’s family and I join the rest of the ministers around the globe to pray to God for the console and comfort of the family.

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