The lawmaker says Governor Abiodun is not in control of his government adding that some people are using the governor to achieve their selfish interests


Osinbajo came third in the election that produced Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the presidential candidate of the ruling party for the 2023 general elections.


But before the election which took place in Abuja earlier in June, the governor was said to have paid Ogun delegates to cast their votes for Osinbajo.



Former Deputy Speaker of Ogun State House of Assembly, Oludare Kadiri disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Pulse.


According to him, most of the delegates collected the governor’s money and voted for Tinubu, who met with delegates and party members in Abeokuta, the state capital a few days before the primary election to address the delegates.


“I was not in Abuja, but I can tell you that from the information some of them gave me, are you sure Governor Dapo is in control of anything? Most of them voted for Asiwaju. They only collected the money he gave them to support Osinbajo. People are not fools, the lawmaker said.


Asked how much the delegates were paid, the lawmaker said he did not know the amount the governor paid each delegate.


He stressed that Abiodun is not in control of his government adding that some people are using the governor to achieve their selfish interests.


Oludare also said Tinubu’s claim that governor Abiodun would not have become the governor of the state without his support was a statement of fact.



The lawmaker said the governor cannot deny that he is not Tinubu’s boy, adding that the former governor of Lagos State was only trying to scold Abiodun.


He said, “I don’t think it was Asiwaju that was speaking that day. And it was not a controversial statement, it was a fact. Governor Dapo could not have become a governor if Asiwaju was not involved and that word Eleyi, is just like Governor Dapo talking to me, would I be annoyed? I am his boy too.


“He can’t deny it, he is Asiwaju’s boy, even if you’re a governor it does not mean you don’t have an uncle as a Yoruba man. It’s not a controversial statement, it’s just a big brother trying to scold a junior brother.


“Again, don’t forget that Asiwaju is a Lagosian. In the Lagos dialect, there is no respect. So Asiwaju was talking as a Lagosian that ‘Eleyi to wa nibi” there is nothing controversial about it. I am not sure Governor Dapo was annoyed about it. I know him”.


Reacting to the allegations against Governor Abiodun, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr Kunle Somorin described Kadiri’s claims as a total falsehood and absolute calumny.


He said Kadir’s claim is a sheer fallacy made up to hoodwink Tinubu, adding that the presidential candidate would not fall for his divisive antics.


Somorin said, “False and self-seeking narratives every where. The truth is that Asiwaju is the party’s presidential flagbearer and we are stopping at nothing to ensure that he wins the general election resoundingly on February 25 next year.


“Total falsehood. Absolute calumny. Sheer fallacy to hoodwink Asiwaju but the National Leader is not cast in that mold. He won’t fall for their divisive antics.”



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