The Brazillian Quarters in the heart of Lagos Metropolis, Lagos State, Nigeria is noted for the yearly Carioca Carnivals featuring heartwarming songs with highly exciting drum beats ,akin to what predominates the annual Brazillian fiesta in Rio De Janerio. Both the young and old partake in this festive mood in celebration of Christmas and Easter festivals. Various groups of lavishly costumed dancers , namely , ‘Fancy’ , ‘Fanti’, ‘ Mei Boi’ and ‘Sailor'( basically for young boys parade the streets of Lagos to the admiration of the folks of Lagos island usually referred to as ‘Omo Eko’.



The Brazilian Quarters Carnival dates back to the early part of the twentieth century . There were basically three areas of Lagos Island involved in these Carnivals ; these are Olowogbowo, Campos and Lafiaji.*


The three areas parade the same types of costumed dancers but the songs differ from area to area. The songs are usually highly competitive in compositions. While some songs are playful jibes at the other areas, some are self exalting and some provocative. The provocative ones have been known to cause outbursts of violence between rival areas.


The post independence era saw a decline in the socio-economic situation in the country , a decline that led to a very tense atmosphere , however these carnivals were a source of happiness to the folks of Lagos island. Then everything came to a halt with the outbreak of the Nigerian Civil war. After the war, the ban on public processions further denied the youths and the entire folks of Lagos the beautiful sight of the carnival.


In 1991 the age-long rivalry between Campos and Lafiaji areas which usually ended in violence came to an end at CAMPOS Square as the two Captains were seen embracing on horsebacks for the very first time in history , amidst roaring applause from supporters and speculators.


_NOSTALGIA_ s the word to describe the historic events of years gone by taking the old down memory lane and letting the young have a taste of what obtained in the past.


The eleven track album is a compilation of Carnival Songs of Brazillian Quarters. Songs like Sanmari Adugbo, E je ka Re Iga, Me Boi’, Ero Ya, Eyo, etc was a bridge between the old and young and a great cultural revival.


Copied from Nostalgia Album by Wura Fadaka.



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